Bi-Weekly Dev Call

The QGroundControl developer team syncs up on technical details and in-depth analysis. There is also a space in the agenda to discuss pull requests, major impacting issues and Q&A.

Who Should attend:

  • Community members
  • Core project maintiners
  • Component maintainers
  • Dronecode members

The calls are open for anyone interested to attend, it's a great opportunity to meet the team and contribute to the ongoing development of the project.

What gets discussed?

The main agenda for the call is very simple, and usually remains the same with a few exceptions which are made aware to the community in advance. The calls typically last up to 60 minutes.

The developer team goes through the issue tracker, including the current queue of Pull Requests,


While the agenda below is the norm, we might

  • Community Q&A (Open mic, you can bring your own topics, we can discuss your PRs/Issues/Questions)
  • Update on the project High Priority Issues tracker
  • Developer team coordination

If you want to guarantee your Pull Request get's discussed on the next developer call, make sure you add the "dev-call" label on GitHub. We expect the author and the assigned reviewer to be on the call.


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